Shards of Loss EP

by Nangilima

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released September 27, 2016



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Nangilima Malmö, Sweden

Nangilima is an international Doom / Death Metal band with members from Sweden, Spain, and Bulgaria. With two singles and one full length album the band is ready to unleash their new EP via Xtreem Music. Coming soon!

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Track Name: Shards of Loss
Hopeless...Slowly I fall
Into a bottomless pit of nothingness
Devoid of Light, frightened.

Wrapped in an spell of torment and grief
The questions in my head devour me
I reach out into the air
with nothing to grab ahold of...

I drank from this liquid of lies until nothing was left.
Swallowed the deceit
Betrayed I lay

Each day that passes I look back and try to read into those thoughts and ask why
Every glance in my direction tears me apart over and over again
There is nothing left for us anymore...nothing at all

Our failures are intertwined and become as one
I never stopped and you surrendered
Our path is now broken and split into two unrecognizable journeys

Will we ever meet again?...
Track Name: Fractions of a Shattered Soul (Re-recorded)
They run through my mind
Memories of past times... smiles, laughter so pleasant
But now what is there left?
I am broken in disbelief

Grey is my current vision
I now feel nothing but pain
Every step hurts so much
My heart is broken into a thousand pieces

Overwhelming despair corrodes my soul
Devours every shred of hope
Why must I suffer?
What have I done?
Slowly the sky feels as if it's falling down

Falling down on me
The sky will crash inevitably on me
My mind is numb

My limbs are sore
The beauty of the spring flowers feel tainted and dead to me now
The clouds become black as I stare on
I stand here waiting hoping it will come
Rain starts to pour

Thunder crackling, the bright light it emanates blinds me
I cover my eyes and feel the cold touch of the skies tears
Destroyed by my coming rapture

Rain falls and falls ever so hard
I feel it rush my broken body
The lightning strikes with tremendous force, relentless

The turmoil of the storm resonates within me
Me feelings and my mind become one

It lets up... the first rays appear
Drops fall off of natures creations
It seems it does not end here