by Nangilima

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"I may be finished but you will not leave unscathed".
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10 minutes of atmosphere, Doom and Black Metal. You can't pass this up!


released September 27, 2013

Emilio: All vocals
C.L.: All instruments
Music by: Nangilima
Artwork by: Khalvst ov Mhurn
Bandphoto by: Andres Lordhellfire Burciaga



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Nangilima Malmö, Sweden

Nangilima is an international Doom / Death Metal band with members from Sweden, Spain, and Bulgaria. With two singles and one full length album the band is ready to unleash their new EP via Xtreem Music. Coming soon!

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Track Name: Thanathos
Ceaseless existence,
vile dreams eating,
away at me.
I slowly fade,
my time has come.
Despair envelopes me.
I pound down, my soul,
searching for reason!

Enough is enough,
Death, come quick.
This wait, sickens me.
Consume me now,
the fires await my putrid flesh.
I know my doom, I welcome it.

Taunt me, taunt away,
nothing to lose.
My hope is gone,
given up.

I feel your breath down my neck.

Taunt me, taunt away,
nothing to lose.
My hope is gone,
giving up.

Breathe down my neck.
Down my neck, you breathe!


This path...
My life has taken.
This impending doom.
I condemn it, for it is consuming me.
I lay here, consumed.
For all eternity....

Why have I been forsaken???
Please leave me be.
Thanathos, leave...
Leave me be.

Come out and face me.
Do not lurk in shadows!
Tell me why, so suddenly!
You steal my life?!
I feel betrayed...
I cannot go just yet...

Forgiveness is out of the question.
I may be finished,
but you will not leave unscathed.
I promise, YOU, will not leave unscathed.
Show yourself,...
I yearn for your presence, NOW!

All to waste, my sacrifices left about to BURN.
Wasted, Thanathos, we meet again, but not for awhile!!!